Road Closure Directions

September 10, 2021

Road Closure Directions
Starting September 7th south of Liberty, IN the state of Indiana will start working on a bridge for 60 days. The posted detour directions will take you way out of the way. So please follow the directions below if traveling to Pohlar Fabrics from Liberty. 
If traveling to Pohlar Fabrics through Brookville, please DO NOT follow posted detour, no road construction is being done between Brookville IN, and our store.  
If traveling South to Pohlar Fabrics…. Use these directions as a detour. DO NOT follow posted detour.
*Turn left on US 27 S (2nd traffic light).
*At the stop sign turn right to stay on US 27 S.
*In about 1 mile turn right onto Liberty Pike.
*Stay Liberty Pike for approximately 3.9 miles.
*Turn right onto Velocipede Pike.
*Stay on Velocipede Pike for approximately 1.75 miles.
*At the stop sign slight right onto Contreras Pike for .3 miles.
*At the next stop sign turn left onto State Road 101.
*Stay on State Road 101 for approximately 2 miles.
*Turn left onto Coe Road…..You have found us!!

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